What we do

Improving schools together

The Partnership team works with member schools and other key organisations to negotiate and broker solutions to meet improvement priorities.

To bring about our vision, THE Partnership will promote, facilitate and drive school-led improvement through which:
• Schools themselves are in control of and responsible for school improvement and have a collective say in its development and delivery. Performance and results are rigorously analysed and challenged to support continued improvement.
• Trusted networking opportunities enable good practice to be shared and new developments and solutions to be planned and delivered.
• Schools support, challenge and learn from one another and from trusted partners to spread effective practice.
• Schools actively collaborate to design and access the support they need to ensure improvement.
• A culture of innovation for continuous improvement is encouraged and supported.
• The best schools extend their reach so that all improve.
• Effective interventions are brokered quickly where there are issues of concern.
• Our targeted outcomes are achieved.


What we offer

  • CPD
  • Leadership Consultancy
  • Leadership Programmes
  • Subject Networks

Member schools have access to a comprehensive service based on a core offer and additional support that can be brokered.

A range of professional learning courses and programmes are avaible to both members and non members, covering all phases and subjects, including NQT induction and support.

Leadership Consultancy
Our team of experienced Leadership Consultants offer support across all aspects of school improvement including:
• School improvement partner support
• School reviews
• Support for preparation for Ofsted
• Senior leadership development and support
• Coaching and mentoring
• Specific support for subjects and phases
• HT performance management
• Bespoke training

Leadership Programmes
Developing leaders and ensuring rigorous succession planning is a key element of the school improvement agenda; The Partnership is developing a suite of leadership programmes including networks for primary AHT and DHT, middle leader development (LEAD), induction for new Headteachers.  Other programmes are currently being designed.

Subject Networks
One of our key aims in our school led system is to make sure we are sharing knowledge and best practice, creating learning together and supporting each other.  Our subject hubs and networks are a key element of this.

Primary Networks
Religious Education

Secondary Networks
Media Studies
Post 16 Leadership Forum

All THE Partnership programmes will be subject to rigorous review, evaluation and reporting processes.

For examples of the kind of work that might be brokered through THE Partnership, see our examples of Support Scenarios.

THE Partnership will continue to work with schools and other key partners to review, develop and grow the programmes on offer to make sure they are meeting schools’ needs and achieving our intended goals.

For further information, or for an initial discussion of your improvement needs, contact [email protected]